Easter Reflections



As the day after Jesus’ death dawned it was a terrifying one for Jesus’ disciples. All that they had hoped and dreamed seemed to have died with Jesus. Worse, the religious authorities and Roman soldiers were likely on the lookout for them so that their entire sect could be destroyed, literally killed off. It was a time to hide until they could quietly slip out of Jerusalem and disappear with the home-going Passover crowds. But no one can stop or thwart the plans of God. His love overcomes the greatest of human tragedies, even death. Where hope was lacking God already had a plan for good in store.
Pray today for our world’s major nations, their leadership and people as they grapple with significant challenges: China, India, USA, EU. Pray they might find hope and have compassion on those in fear and need.

Watch the life of Jesus movie on YouTube today.


Reflections on Easter Friday … having been arrested in Gethsemane Jesus was taken to be tried, first, at night before an illegally convened Sanhedrin, then before the governor Pilate, then before King Herod and then back again before Pilate and the crowd. Throughout the process Jesus was humiliated, paraded as a trophy, beaten, whipped, mockingly given a purple robe and crown of thorns, and stood before the mob. Pilate and Herod could find no legal cause to execute Jesus but the religious authorities demanded blood on the charge of blaspheme. They incited the mob who bayed for Jesus blood. Rather than risk an uprising Pilate gave in to their demands.


Jesus had been betrayed by Judas who, early on Friday morning, went out and hung himself. Peter, who was brave enough to follow Jesus part of the way, would deny that he even knew Jesus – three times before the cock crowed.

Tried & Crucified

Buried & Guarded

Reflections on Jesus and Easter Thursday


Easter Thursday is observed by Christians around the world on the Thursday before Easter.  On this day a number of significant events are remembered.  These include : Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet prior to the traditional Passover (Seder) meal and the Last Supper Jesus has with His apostles (from which Communion has been derived).  We also see the sorrow in Jesus at Judas’ betrayal.  In these events we are particularly reminded of the Christian imperatives to love one another and to walk humbly with our God.

As Jesus always walks with us in all things, so too He shares with us in our self-isolation and bubbles … join us via ZOOM at 8pm tonight.

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